Wealth Preservation at Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services

Preserving the of Accumulated Wealth

Sparks Corporation’s primary goal is to preserve and increase your assets’ worth. Very often, we meet clients who desire to attain key milestones as they journey and develop in life, for instance, keeping a comfortable lifestyle when they retire, providing support for dependents, while assuring that the next generations will benefit from estate planning.

Every client we manage possesses a specific set of short-term and long-term aspirations. Sparks Corporation takes the responsibility to assure our clients of their capability to realize their financial aspirations.

Inheritance Tax Planning
Planning the future is a great challenge for all people. At Sparks Corporation, we realize that wealth takes a whole lifetime to accumulate for many of us while, at the same time, tax obligations grow above and beyond levels of capital-protection levels. This is because the value of property or real estate worldwide has grown, making it difficult for people to keep up with the high inheritance tax impositions even on modest wealth acquired by them. Sparks Corporation has, therefore, come up with several inheritance tax-planning strategies which allow us to match an optimized tax-strategy with the distribution choices of every client.

Trust Incorporation and Management
We have found that the best means of minimizing inheritance tax obligations can be achieved through the incorporation and management of Trust structures. Trust structures are significantly versatile methods which come in various forms depending on distribution conditions.
For instance, a Trust structure provision can assign and distribute financial cover for the education of grandchildren, regular income allocations in addition to existing pension or provide an investment facility allowing the Trust to operate as a firm dedicated to the re-investment of assets.

Tax Efficient Jurisdictions
As a company based strategically in Hong Kong, Sparks Corporation can provide wealth management services and investment solutions to clients with the incorporation and management of Trust structures in many tax-efficient jurisdictions, particularly Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our in-house tax and legal experts stand ready to deliver advice on the benefits of deciding to protect your assets and your proceeding generations through a structure of highly-efficient Trust plans. Everyone aspires for a secure future for oneself and for one’s children. Sparks Corporation works to provide this reassuring service to our clients.


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