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Is a volatile stock market still the best alternative to risible savings rates?

Investing in shares is not without risk, but if you do your research and can commit to a long-term strategy you could prosper. Esther Shaw reports

Like many people who want to make their savings work for them, Louise Dungate has become increasingly frustrated by low interest rates. Undaunted by the prospect of taking a risk, the knitwear designer from Balham in south-west London decided to dip her toe in the stock market in an attempt to get a better return.
Despite the unsettled financial climate, the decision has proved profitable for the 29-year-old following her first investment 18 months ago. “Prior to that I’d had money in cash Isas,” she says. “As I’m self-employed I don’t have a regular salary, and need to make my money work as hard as it can.”
Dungate made her first investment in a self-invested personal pension (Sipp). More recently, she opened a stocks-and-shares Isa. “My Sipp now includes investments with Unilever and Lloyds. In the past 18 months I’ve seen the value of my po…

Do you need financial therapy?

Whether it’s anxiety about paying the bills, guilt at spending, or feelings of inadequacy over our income, polls frequently show money to be a leading source of worry, and one of the main causes of rows between couples. Even the rich aren’t immune, according to Capgemini’s annual World Wealth Report, with top concerns for millionaires in 2015 ranging from how they will maintain their lifestyle to whether their offspring will mismanage their inheritances.

So how do we make peace with our bank statements and instead spend the wee hours calmly contemplating whether that car alarm will ever stop? The answer, at least according to some, lies not in spreadsheets and interest calculators, but in financial therapy. A burgeoning field in the US, where the five-year-old Financial Therapy Association counts more than 250 members, financial therapy combines traditional financial advice with a more touchy-feely psychological exploration of what is driving a client’s behaviour towards money.

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Become a Client of Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services

Achieve your Financial Goals

Becoming a client of Sparks Corporation is quite easy and is financially rewarding. We appreciate our clients’ great desire to achieve their investment objectives according to their unique circumstances. For this purpose, we endeavor to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your financial requirements and what you hope to gain by committing to an investment strategy with our company.

Without an in-depth and broad vision of your expectations, we cannot build an effective partnership of your dreams and our experiences.

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Management

We offer two Unique Account Structures which are managed in various ways:

Discretionary portfolio management includes a fee-based service requiring minimal input into the investment decision-making procedure. We will provide you with a list of strategies, each fitted to your specific goals in mind. Through counsel and discussion with your wealth advisor, you will choose a plan that suits your per…

Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services: Account Management

Flexible Account Management Options

We appreciate our every client's need to comprehend their financial and personal conditions as well as their need to develop their potential to create wealth or to enhance it. With every client being unique and different from every other client, our job is quite a challenging task. Because of this, we have developed several account management services to accommodate a selection of common choices priced based on the level of service required by a particular client. They are the following:

Brokerage Transaction Accounts
We deliver a complete range of brokerage transaction services to incorporate currency, margin trading futures and options.

Fee Based Accounts

We provide a transparent fee-based service that has a pre-determined management fee depending on the level and type of services needed. Our comprehensive wealth management solutions allow clients with the versatility to select a single service or to join together two or more services into a unif…